Which organisations are legally obliged to appoint an EU Representative?

Under the GDPR, a controller or processor with no establishment in the EEA (including a UK controller or processor following the end of the Brexit...
What is the role of the Representative?

Τhe Representative acts as the liaison between your organisation (controller or processor) and the individuals as well as the supervisory...
Which organisations are legally obliged to appoint a UK Representative?

After the end of the Brexit transition period, the UK GDPR requires, subject to limited exceptions, that controllers or processors that are not...
What is ''monitoring of the data subjects''?

The monitoring may encompass a broad range of monitoring activities, including:
Are processors also required to appoint an EU or UK Representative?

Where processing activities by a controller relates to the offering of goods or services or to the monitoring of individuals (''targeting'') in the...
What is considered an establishment?

The existence of a branch or subsidiary in the EU or in the UK is not equivalent to an establishment.
Who can be appointed as the organisations' Representative?

The EU Representative can be a natural or legal person established in one of the EU member states where the data subjects whose personal data are...
Can our Data Protection Officer undertake the role of the Representative?

The function of a Representative is not compatible with the role of a Data Protection Officer, because the Data Protection Officer must perform her...
Can a processor act as Representative for its own controller?

Are there any exemptions to the requirement to appoint a Representative?

The requirement does not apply where the organisation is a public authority. Also, organizations are exempted from the obligation to appoint a...
What are our legal responsibilities towards the Representative?

The organisation shall mandate the Representative to be addressed in addition to or instead of the organisations by supervisory authorities and...
When does a company outside EU/UK offers goods and services to data subjects who are in the EU or the UK?

In order to determine whether your company is offering goods and services to data subjects who are in the EU or the UK, it should be ascertained...
In case of group of companies, does each company have to appoint a Representative?

Yes. Every separate company must appoint a Representative. Privacy Minders offers special options to manage the representation of the affiliates by...
What if I don't appoint a Representative?

In addition to the obvious risk of being the subject of complaints by data subjects and investigations by the supervisory authorities, which could...
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